A Teaser

We’ve got some new toys to play with in the Bee-loud Glade and plans to capture a few visits to the beehives on video.

Our experimental first attempt was hooked up through Facebook live, as I dug into the store hive for the first time this spring. There’s a long intro that makes it look like you’re in for 24 minutes of watching a smoker (while I figured out my cords and plugs) and the video cuts out unceremoniously at the end (so we won’t be relying on unstable internet connections in the future.)

Throughout the beekeeping season we’ll be posting some videos on our YouTube Channel:  the Honey Exchange Presents. Click subscribe if you want to be informed when the next videos show up.

For now, enjoy about twenty minutes of Phil checking on a healthy hive of winter hardy Russian honeybees:


About inthebeeloudglade

An unlikely beekeeper who runs The Honey Exchange, a hive and honey store in Portland, Maine.
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