Mess of Bees – Epilogue

The evening of September 4, 2009

For those of you who enjoyed the swarm capture story, here is how the story continued over the next few days:

I mentioned bees in a swarm are not defensive; this is especially true after nightfall.  Above is my daughter, Caity, curious and not wearing even the fundamental safety gear of socks, peering just about as close to a mess of bees as you can get.

I won’t waste time with much text here because if you’re truly interested I’ll be wasting a few minutes of your time with videos made by my intrepid videographer, Meghan.  So click away on the videos below:

[Apologies to viewers using iPad:  Links to flash video will not appear on your machines.]

The next morning, I moved many of the bees from the gray box into a temporary, makeshift hive.

Later that morning the rest of the bees were marching from the box into the hive.

After a few days we checked in on how the comb building was coming along.

After about a week this hive was moved to the other side of the neighborhood and became our second hive.  (It’s the hive you’ve  seen in photos elsewhere on this site.)  Despite being a late-season swarm, with the addition of a full honey super from our first hive the new hive made it through the winter.  The following spring they were requeened with a Russian queen and have continued to thrive.


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An unlikely beekeeper who runs The Honey Exchange, a hive and honey store in Portland, Maine.
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