18 March 2011 – Pollen coming in at Willard Beach

I believe this is crocus pollen

At the first sighting of pollen coming into a hive in the early spring I can take a breath of relief.  The odds of this being a thriving hive by mid-summer go up enormously.  The earliest silver maples are blooming, so I know they’re bringing home nectar too.

As long as I had the camera out I captured this image of a housecleaning bee pulling out a dead sister.


About inthebeeloudglade

An unlikely beekeeper who runs The Honey Exchange, a hive and honey store in Portland, Maine.
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5 Responses to 18 March 2011 – Pollen coming in at Willard Beach

  1. Ian says:

    Are those nucs wintered on top of each other?

  2. Deborah Gideon says:

    You don’t use an entrance reducer? It looks like a different sort of set up. Also a very neat wrapping job!

    • The double nuc has a small entrance on the right and one entrance on the left – like a duplex home. And thank you for the compliment on the wrapping, but my anal-retentiveness is really nothing you should encourage.

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